Friday, December 7, 2007


I just found out that my cousin's son and daughter-in-law buried their stillborn baby girl today. I am so sorry R and K and cousin J for your immense loss. My heart is breaking for you, crying with you. Wishing you could hold baby Grace in your arms one more time. Thinking of your Grandma Joyce and Nana P. in heaven, holding our babies, cuddling them and kissing them until we get to go and hold them ourselves.
I pray that God's love will surround you and comfort you, that he will hold you up at this time when it seems impossible to stand. I wish there was something I could say or do to ease your pain.


C. said...

My deepest, heartfelt sympathies to your cousin, K. I'm so sorry.

shay said...

I am so sorry Kris. How devastating for them. I'll be praying.

Tracey said...

So, sooo sorry for your cousin and her family.

And Kristen, you have my deepest prayers for peace this season and always. I cannot imagine the pain that must strike you when you're not expecting it.